Friday, September 19, 2014

Enjoy being myself

19th September 2014, Friday

Yay!! End of the week again.

Friday, September 5, 2014


5th September 2014, Friday

人海茫茫, 到底哪一位才是适合我的呢?




从而有所感发 而写下了这post.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Going out with friends

4th September 2014, Thursday

Had a good catch up with my girlfriend over dinner yesterday. We had dinner at Eighteen chefs, at The Cathay. Then followed by coffee at Kith's cafe.

She laments I'm brave to actually go out with guy friend one to one. Im like, why leh? Is it weird? Im also a little worried. All along to me, I thought its fine. But until she mention, then I realised indeed it is probably different.

Dont think too much is the advise and I am strongly abiding by it. Haha.

I'm just occupying myself up with activities to keep myself busy and fray away from those thoughts.

Looking forward to my guitar lesson soooon!!! ♥

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Natas fair 2014

30th August 2014, Saturday

Went to the Natas fair today with Ting. Morning when I woke up, I received a message from Dong yue that I have free tickets to the fair! Pleasant surprise.

So here we are, and in the end Ting bought the beijing package from Konsortium! But their package really sounds reasonable to go with.

Sigh. Recently I have quite a bit of stuff to worry. Taiwan trip, my mum hasnt confirm with me if she is going, thus I cant book the taiwan day tour. Redang trip is called off, cos my dad doesn't want to travel 9 hours on the bus. Unless I head over with my mum, but I am going to take 8 days of unpaid leave for my taiwan trip in october. So I dont feel comfortable taking an additional day in September unless necessary. Plus in November I feel like buying my dad a montigo batam weekend trip on his birthday.

Studies studies studies! Luckily I have quite a few kakis who are going to study together with me.

Fall here, fall there, fall everywhere. So hard when the other party doesn't fall for you. 有就有吧。我不想再去这么执着。

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August is ending soon

27th August 2014, Wednesday

So fast, its the last week of august. One week one week just passed like that.

First half of the year, I was still in hokiday phase. But now I think I found my pace. The quickened pace. I'm busily filling up my dates with schedules. Everyday passed so so fast; by the time I know it, I am always sleeping soundly at home, awaiting tomorrow.

I still need to sign up for ACCA exams.
I still need to open another saving account to save money.
I still need to study for my exams.
I still need to prep my body to the fullest so it can tahan whats about to come next.

I wanna buy a Longchamp document bag.

Its always better to keep my schedules packed.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Recent things I come across.

Ideal one

23th August 2014, Saturday

Chat chat chat
Laugh laugh laugh
Eat eat eat
Watch watch watch

I haven't been like this for quite some time. Really enjoyed the night out.

With a friend that I am so comfortably with. With a friend I don't even need prompting. Was such a good catch up. Hahahahahahahaha.

Comfortability has so many different forms. I was so surprised when u asked for catch up because you are the legendarily damn busy one. Hahahaha.

Don't compare me to yourself cos you are the more busy one, not me! Hahahaha!!!

So cute. Why you can make me miss you so much!!! Im gonna start counting down to the next time we are meeting again. Lol.