Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You are so beautiful by JYJ / TVXQ Junsu

Absolutely love this song to bits right now. You are so beautiful~
The chemistry between Kim Sun ah and Lee Dong Wook is amazingly sizzling!

Can I just spazz a bit on them? Haha. Scent of a woman is a must watch! Especially the tango scenes between them, my heart was buzzing with excitement and left me for moreeeee.
Too bad this fan-made mv below doesn't include the tango scenes yet, if there is, I will embed them here. Hee.

And can I rant on something. How come SBS doesn't allow us to copy their drama pictures from their photo album on their website??! So sad... Grrr..I remembered I was able to copy them before... >.< Sigh anyways.

Today is National day, but why does it feels like a saturday or sunday to me?
The song is so sweet. Junsu's voice melts me. Plus his cameo in Scent of a woman is so adorable.
"Do you like my appearance? Or my melodic voice? Or my perky butt? Hahahahahahaha.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

State of art? or?

29th July 2011, Friday
Interesting. He was staging outside Takashimaya and created a crowd snapping him. I was among them. Hah.
But I quickly snapped this only one photo and left as I'm going to be late!

On a sidenote, I'm recently in love with this song, I absolutely love the beginning of the song.
Its because of the drama, You've fallen for me that I got to know this song. The rock part, after listening to so many times in the drama (!!), I've gotten tired of it. Haha. Its the acoustic guitar part that is so charismatic.
Oh, and did you notice the camera inside? It looks fab. Edit: Another fan-made video featuring the later drama parts.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Dance 춤 - Clazziquai's 2nd album: Colour your soul

A colleague of mine, who had finished watching Secret Garden asked me about a song that appeared in episode 1 last week. Totally clueless about what she was asking about, she then showed me that part in the video clip where Han Tae Sun was singing in a club, and then Oska was mesmerized by his vocals.

Back at home now then I started to find out about the song, by re-watching episode 1 and then gasping on it later on why I had missed out on such a nice song. I suppose its the lack of time that I had just watched once and then skipping it later. A google on it lands me on clazziquai. My goodness its from CLAZZIQUAI!!

Turns out it is a song from Clazziquai. Dance. 춤. I love clazziquai. Even though some of their songs were not my style, like the recent electronica style from 4th album (Mucho punk). But their jazz songs were always my favourite.

I can't seem to find Sun's version. Perhaps it wasn't recorded...