Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 3. Wineglass Bay - Tasmania, AU

9th March 2012, Friday

Rise and shine! Time to wake up for the new day ahead! Hahaha. Out of all my days in Hobart, I was actually anticipating this day tour the most since it required some hiking and best of all, from the research, Wineglass bay looked so picturesque. But yesterday from my Port Arthur land tour, the 2 korean girls I had met told me it wasn't as great as it seemed to be. Its perhaps they had expected so much, and yet when they were really there, they were slightly disappointed. It doesn't look as nice as the pictures they had seen. OH DEAR. Crap.

As usual I barely managed to wake up. I was telling myself, I don't even wake up that early for work! And yet during holidays, I have to wake up so much earlier. Because the day tour started at 7.25am. An hour in advance, had meant I gotta wake up at 6.25am, but I only woke up at 6.45am. Hahaha... Breakfast skipped. See the reason.. ? But luckily everything still turned out fine. Weeee.

This time round, I sat inside the van, not at the rear seats. But I regretted. But its okay. I would just enjoy my ride for the day. Since I'm wearing a skirt and it would not be convenient for me to move around. It certainly didn't disappoint anyways, because I got to know my group members better; they were sitting all around me, and we chatted around. Got to know this girl from Germany, Lissa. She was so friendly. It was her that I met up with back in Sg too! I had a dinner with her before she headed back to Thailand, and to Frankfurt. Ahahaha, I met that French guy again! Hahahaha such a coincidence, I didn't know he had signed up for this land tour as well. But he's pretty shy... my colleagues were all yelling at me, why I didn't go get his contact! HAHA.................. maybe I should have huh. He shy, I'm also shy. Haha!

We sped, and on the way the tour guide told us, wineglass bay that area is considered the most warmest in Tasmania. The climate was still warm as compared to Hobart, and I felt the heat the moment the van door opened. I should have wore a short sleeve and jacket, so I could take out the jacket anytime I want.

There were 3 routes to the Wineglass bay, the lookout taking 1.5 hours, and the actual hike to the beach was going to take 3 hours. There was another route that leads to... this Mt. Amos, which probably was going to take at least 3 - 4 hours. I thought I could make it all the way to the beach, but upon reaching the lookout, I decided against it.

The hike towards the lookout was great! It was comfortable to walk in, sandy routes and no big rocks blocking. Very easy to hike, albeit one will require a little energy to last throughout. Walking with the rest of the group members, I realised my body energy couldn't keep up with them, they were very fit. One step, one more step, I'm gonna reach, I told myself. Keeping my mind free of thoughts, and just concentrating to finish the hike. Along the way, we joked and laughed.

Then we reached the lookout. Apparently they spent a lot of money to build the lookout. The stones that formed the steps for us to hike on were transported by helicopter which charged like 1k AUD per hour, if I'm not wrong. The view... was good. It would be even better if there weren't a lot of fog. Part of the reason it did not look the same as those postcards was because of the immense fog that surrounded the bay. And just another stuff I had regretted not bringing; I forgot to bring my polariod lens. That would have enhanced the the whole bay to be more blue, and had removed the fog to reveal a more blue sky. I also forgot to bring the lens when I went for my Port Arthur day tour as well.

We went to honeymoon bay after that. I've no idea why it was named like that, I couldn't see the connection. Hahaha. One of our tour mates actually went to hike Mt. Amos! We were wondering where he went and had to wait for quite some time, and were worried if he may be lost. Hahaha I had a small incident along the way back. I got held up while taking photos and the other rest were moving on pretty fast, suddenly I was left alone all by myself. I was terrified. Went this way it just didn't feel right, and went the other way, it too didn't feel right. I didn't want to explore further quietly, having watched a number of documentaries, my radar of LOST shot up instinctively. And without further prompt I quickly shouted for Lissa. I didn't want to get lost. Although it may sound silly, and you may say, its not easy to get lost in this commercialized area anyways, hey what if I went towards the wrong direction. Which I nearly did. They were all laughing and teasing me, but deep inside I felt relived.

With my family around, I'm always laid back, thinking they would always be here since they were traveling with me throughout. Without them around, I lost that pillar of support. Greatly. Even with friends, we were also on the lookout for each other. The reliance was there. But being alone, the feeling of afraid. Ah, so this is the reason why people do not dare / require a lot of courage to travel alone. You have to get used to moving alone. You have to get used to socialise with people on the roads. You have to get used to being lost, alone. You have to get used to making decisions and judge situations independently. You have to learn to be a little more street smart. Only then, you will discover the tingling satisfaction of traveling alone.

They say overseas students are moulded with a set of independent mindset. Yes in a way, and no in a way. Mostly are, though. But traveling alone? I would say a definite yes, an independent attitude and thinking. Either you go half independently, coming back feeling the great satisfaction, or you go fully independently, coming back feeling even more nostalgic for your determination. Either ways, they both grant you the sweet fruits you deserve if you are independent enough.

In my own country, I don't find a problem navigating around. I could be lost; but anytime, anywhere I could flag a cab and move around. However in a foreign country, its different. Just. Different.

And so. I'm back to hostel! Hmmm was wondering what to eat for my dinner. I had packed a cup of noodles, so I was wondering to finish that off. Not that there was nothing to eat, the food here in Hobart is perfectly fine for me. I'm an easy eater, so as long as I do not get stomachache after that. I realised I did not even have to pack cup noodles, and now I had to think of ways to get rid of it. Met Sam and she was wondering where I was! I joined them for dinner, and in the end, I ate their food. Haha. They were glad I finished off their food because they couldn't finish it. They had cooked pasta and it was such a big serving. Actually they had cooked it 2 days ago, but then they couldn't finish for that night. They kept for tonight but they also had other food to accompany with. They were so happy when I finished. Its delicious! Yummy, both the cream and the tomato based pasta.

It was really nice to meet such nice girls whom I can chat with freely. Somehow its the instant connection that we all had felt, and the conversations were so frank and down to earth that it shocked me every now and then, how much we were able to communicate in such a short time. They were able to let their emotions flow naturally, and I think that's probably the reason I'm also able to connect with them easily. Not to mention, we all have the common topics to discuss. Hehe, I don't think I can ever forget how you all describe your trip here, and some of the experiences you all had came across! Its so funny and memorable. I don't know how to explain, I think I'm so lucky to meet them. I'm so thankful!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 2. Richmond, Port Arthur, Tasman Penisular - Tasmania, AU.

8th March 2012, Thursday

Ahahaha, so this is the part that was the most difficult problem for me. To wake up in the morning!! I seriously have a lot of difficulty waking up in the morning, to be honest I relied on human morning call every morning for work, ahem if you know what I am talking about. Thus I became very self conscious, telling myself I die hard have to wake up by myself when I'm in Australia, because no one is going to wake me up! I'm afraid because subconsciously I will snooze off the alarm and return back to sleep.

My dad was so sceptical, and laughing sarcastically, "See how are you going to wake up" attitude. Indeed, I tried to put up a brave front, but deep inside I was so scared. What if I woke up late, and missed my trip? I was constantly worried. I have a problem, and that is waking up and fulfilling the first appointment of the day. For instance, I can have an appointment at 1pm, but I could still be late because its the first appointment of the day. But for the next few appointments I am alright and able to arrive on time normally, unless in some dire circumstances. Somehow, I just have this lazy habit of delaying my movement out of the house.

Luckily, I was able to wake up at the first hearing of my alarm. My phone was just beside my ear. How blasting it was. Plus the hostel mates were already up before me, luckily. My trip meeting time was 7.25am, my breakky was just the bread I bought from Jackman & Ross and they were so hard. Challenged my teeth to the max. But because of the hostel mates, I still had some time to make some hot milo for myself to drink. And packed a cereal drink into my thermal flask. And the tour bus arrived! I was already told beforehand by my colleagues that the local tour buses are pretty much punctual, so I was careful to wait around.

Apparently my hostel was the first stop, and I took the chance to sit in the rear of the tour van. Good for me I guess, muahaha since I can get to take pictures on the go. Then they go around picking the rest of the tour mates. First stop was Richmond. Hmmmmm. So early in the morning, and the shops weren't opened at all. There weren't anything much to see; the houses were those similar to those I had saw at Battery Point. Residential houses I would think. Then I reached the Richmond Bridge. Also. Hmmmm. I don't know why, but it just doesn't feel that fantastic to me. Run down, and not much maintenance done. But the calm atmosphere was what attracted me. Its quiet, and relaxing to walk. Not much people in sight, not the bustling city noises we hear, only a sight of a lorry trugging its way once in a while. Just peaceful. The church was rather pretty though, situated on a small hill. 1 hour given. Quite sufficient.

The history of Port Arthur was interesting, if not fascinating. Tasmania used to be called Van Diemen, and actually a lot of people residing in Tasmania were in fact from UK. People who commit crimes in UK were sent to Tasmania to serve as prisoners and most of them were not able to go back once they landed in Port Arthur. The crimes they commit were not as harsh as those history we hear from China, but their punishment were quite severe. Port Arthur was quite pretty, I liked their green pastures. The other tour members and I were thinking, actually they get to enjoy such green pastures it must be good! Hahahahaha.

We had our lunch there as well, and I brought an apple to eat. Oh gosh, the water was so expensive, since its a tourist attraction.

Next we moved on to Tasman Penisular. Wow. This was magnificent. The scenery was fantastic. I just couldn't explain it, the extremely deep blue waters, the strong currents of the sea making its waves known against the rocks, just sounded so raw and unpolished to my ears. And that felt good. I stood there for a while, immersing myself in the beauty of the view.

And then its the long drive back to the city. Had a fish and chips dinner with the 2 korean girls. Not again, since I had it yesterday too. But since they hadn't tried, we tried it at the Fish Frenzy. I deeply regretted not trying the oysters, because I saw so many diners having it at Salamanca centre. I was only thinking, a dozen of them!? How am I going to finish it? Even half a dozen was too much for me. At international buffets, I only eat 1 oysters as they were huge, and the raw taste still didn't quite get to me.

We chatted a lot; they were so chatty girls. I heard about their working holiday experience; it sounded so exciting and made me think if I should consider gaining such experience too. But then, afterall the realistic me had a long thought, hmmm maybe not so, huh. It sounds great, who knows in future I may jump up at the opportunity if it came.

Back at the hostel, the 2 taiwanese girls vacanted the room, and in came a hong kong girl, Sam. Ahahaha she was also another sporty girl. We clicked immediately. Perhaps us, in a foreign country made us even more closer and there were just so many things to talk about and we just chatted non stop for nearly 1 hour straight. Like how were our trips so far, and what they had done and what they were going to do tomorrow, how long they were going to stay, etc... Its just non stop. Her trip was fantastic. They self drove, all the way starting from Launceston, and downwards to Hobart now. They covered the Cataract Gorge, on the way, Ross, and some other places which I could not remember since I didn't really go and research Launceston as much as Hobart. I only know they were planning to go Port Arthur, Cadbury and a strawberry farm for tomorrow whereas for me, Wineglass bay. I also only remembered they were going to take the Tahun Airwalk on saturday, which already send my eye sparkling upon hearing it. Her 2 other group mates (oh dear, I cannot remember their names... was it.. Li mei?) were sleeping in the other room. And she invited me for dinner tomorrow! Girls, we sure are just chatty. Its in our nature. Heh.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 1. Hobart - Tasmania, Aussie

I just realised that simply waiting to process my photos before I write is not a wise solution to my impending write-ups. Saw japanese girl's blog, although hers has no photos, she just quicky blogged about her trip in Japan before she forgets. And that sent me thinking, what if I had totally forgot about my experience in Aussie? And hence these written posts without any photos first, admidst my nearing exams. Eeps! No time to check my grammar errors though.

7th March 2012, Wednesday
My day one was spent in Hobart, wondering the streets, venturing out alone. Followed the Lonely Planet recommended itenerary. What a relief - the hostel I stayed at happened to be right in the central of the bustling Hobart, only a 5 mins walk to the famous Salamanca arts centre.

Ahh the weather was so good. Since I prepared enough clothes, it was so comfortable to walk around. Average temperature was around 13 degrees I supposed. Walked to constitution dock, and had my first fish and chips lunch at Flippers. Then continued my walk to Fish Frenzy that area, and then I entered into a piece of grass land. Its a building that I'm not sure of, but I see lots of students enjoying the grass patch. Hahaha, like having a picnic. So relaxed~

Continued on, and I walked into Battery Point. Hmmm, so these houses were something to see? Well, indeed its pretty much of a difference as compared to Sg here. Hahas. So I saw houses after houses and houses. Walked on, walked on. Had a generous serving of strawberry ice cream. Yummy! Tasmanian made ice-cream. But soon I regretted.. why, lets move on and I will tell you why.

Expected to see the Jackman & Ross bakery, which was pretty famous among tourists, and bought their hot-cross bread. Haha. Hard!!! When eaten the next day, why is it so hard, my teeth cannot take it man! So chewy, are australian bread like that? But the hot cross bun are fragrant.

Then walked on, time was getting a little late, but luckily the sky hasn't darkened! Stopped by a pizza store which had just opened. The whiff of the pizza smell attracted me, and that made my head turned back in awe. I was not hungry, but I dearly wanted to try the pizza! When I pushed opened the door, first thing I saw was.... hahaha this is a bit funny, but the guys making the pizza were so handsome... hahahaha. Good looking man. Then I saw, so many pizzas being baked! As though there were people following me, after I just stepped into the shop, several customers stepped in and ordered straight away. At least 5-6. Argh, I just could not stand it anymore, so I ordered. Tasty!!!! But alas, I couldn't finish.. Yes due to the ice-cream. And suddenly a pang of realisation hits me, this is the disadvantage of traveling alone; I have no one to share food with! Because my stomach has limitations when it comes to food, I can't possibly try a variety of food. Barely managed to finish half of the pizza and I requested to take away the food, with the thought of giving it to the hostel lady.

Somehow, somehow it feels good traveling alone. I just like the feeling. Away from work, home and studies. Yay for my freedom to spirit around. Without any thoughts in mind, I could just wander freely. Tee hee. I am not sure whether I still can do it next time, but then I'm just glad that I made it through this time. Or is it because I know some friends in Tasmania, that made me feel more at ease. I don't know. Maybe I gotta try traveling alone next time again. Haha.

Received a text when I was having my pizza midway through, and I was about to text as well since I was sitting in the restaurant, finally getting to relax around with my pizza. If I had not remembered wrongly, the initial calls were not successful (something wrong with the roaming), so I texted that I had safely reached in Hobart. Hahaha. 报平安. I learned next time. To buy a local card!!! Or if not, just purchase more prepaid value, just in case!! Roaming is expensive.

Time passed very fast and very soon the skies start to darken. I quickly walked back, from there the battery point linked me to the Kelly steps and back to the Salamanca Arts Centre. I didn't know there was a shortcut back to my hostel which only took me 5 mins, and had walked the long way which tooked me 15 mins. Too bad, I missed MONA. Awww.

And the day passed just like that. Weeeeeee. The hostel girls were so friendly. But one thing I had realised, they all don't really step out at night. Around in the late afternoon, they would be back. And then early evening, they will be reading a book, or watching a video. Then 9 plus, lights out! That was such a culture shock for me. Met a girl from Perth, who is on seasoned working holiday, a girl from Germany. No problem for communication since we all know english, and 2 taiwanese girls! Haha they were so cute. The 2 taiwanese girls were only staying for the night, and they have to prepare for the upcoming 5 day tour around Tasmania. Covering quite a lot of places if I'm not wrong, like Wineglass bay, Bay of fires, Launceston, Cradle mountain. Well, me too! Tomorrow will be Port Arthur for me. Time to prepare for the next day! ^^

Friday, May 18, 2012

低头族. The new generation people.

Again, I do feel the need to blog about this before I forget. Hahaha. The new generation people are given a term nowadays, a word even better than Y时代, 草莓族, 等等.

Yesterday my dad was telling me about this 3 chinese character word: 低头族. He explained to me a lot, but I just laughed it off because it was funny and yet so true. Today I felt inspired about this and wanted to ask him further, but I thought I would just gather some information over the internet for now.

- Partial source taken from magazine 《親子天下》29th Edition, below.

智慧型手機掀起另一種「網路使用習慣」的革命,將 PDA、通話手機、網路雲端顯示器等功能連結在一起,讓全球不分年齡的科技狂熱者趨之若鶩。由於這樣的便利性,社群網站如臉書(Facebook)也跟著起舞,不管是定點打卡,或是立即傳送照片與朋友分享,使用者彷彿隨身帶著一台監視器,隨時隨地都能讓別人知道自己所在的地點或心情。以前在捷運、公車上常會嫌棄學生講話太吵,現在不管大人小孩,全都變成了「低頭族」,面無表情盯著那小小的螢幕或對著它傻笑。此外,在公共場合常見到許多父母,把智慧型手機當成讓孩子不再吵鬧的玩具。父母親在開心聊天的同時,孩子卻盯著小小螢幕,從那專注的表情已可預見未來成為網路成癮者的潛質。



只給孩子適當的需求,不要超過。正如蘋果前執行長賈伯斯(Steve Jobs)說的:「求知若飢,虛心若愚」(Stay hungry. Stay foolish.)一般,父母親給得太多、太好,不僅會讓孩子失去了努力的目標與動力,自己也會為了要如何提供「更好的」資源而傷透腦筋!






因此,請父母放下你的手機,離開你的 iPad 或電腦,那是跟孩子溝通的基本誠意。即使還不知道可以跟孩子談什麼,至少你的眼光放在孩子身上的時間變多;也可以跟孩子討論,找回這個家的規矩,然後大家一起遵守。專家們所分享的「家庭會議」、「家庭日」等實用概念,必須從父母以身作則開始才有意義。

I do agree. Its getting a little out of control for kids. I sense the importance to have communication with people. If we continue to be ignorant, then how are we supposed to adapt to work life in future? I've seen some of the younger generation kids growing up nicely though. Parents have to educate them the proper way I guess.

Friday, May 11, 2012

*^* Happy Friday! ^*^

Felt a little nostalgic, when people mentioned something which I had gone to or had experienced before and yet I couldn't describe it fully without illustration (in this case, i.e. photos). All felt so near yet so far. Ahhhhhhh that's a pity now that I have to take great pains to recover them back into the blog. DX

Yesterday, one of my colleagues was reading APPETITE, a food magazine which is published on a monthly basis. She then exclaimed about some places she wanted to visit after browsing through the magazine. 2 of which I had went before; Big Bad Wolf - situated at Tanjong Katong, Food For Thought - situated at SAM, Bras Basah. There is another one which I have yet to go but would love to explore after seeing it; The Bread Project - situated at Joo Chiat.

I felt so tongue tied when saying that, I wanted to show more, but alas I don't have the food pictures to accompany with. I could only say, yeah! I had been there and the ribs, or the big breakfast is so tasty! Fabulous! Ah I had taken pictures of the food, shall show you later! ONLY to realise that my pictures were not around anymore. Not on the online server. That's when I realised my blog has somehow integrated into my life subconsciously. Guess I will have to put in more effort after my exams into my blog!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A new quote for the day

I remembered having blogged about some meaningful phrases some days before, and there today the japanese girl was telling me about a quote she just came across and wanted to share it with me.
We don't water plants irregularly and expect them to be healthy. Dreams (like plants) needs constant care and effort for it to bear fruit.
So nice and meaningful. I also told her regarding a quote I found it nice with regards to that.
Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, other make it happen.
Then. Know what she said? That got me in fits.
Hahahaha it looks like a 3 step process:

Want it to happen
Wish it could happen
Get fed up with waiting and make it happen hahahah
NICE ONE. Love it lots. Xoxo.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mid-week - WEDNESDAY

There are a couple of things I had been inspired over the few days, but didn't have the opportunity to write it down until now.

Just one of the meaningful phrases that I could only remember and had been inspired:

世界上朋友那么多, 但知己却仅是如此那几位罢了. 并非寂寞, 而是会让你得到满足感, 好象得到全世界的祝福似的那一种幸福.

Countdown: I still have 4 and a half weeks left from now. And its the mid week already! Eeps.

Have a great Wednesday! Today I'm feeling good. 自我感觉良好. 哈哈. I may have got out of bed on the right side, albeit I had a little difficulty waking up this morning as compared to other days. But I slept earlier yesterday! Cheers.