Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jeong Dong Jin, SamCheok

上一个周末, 和斯斯, 丛刊去了正东津, 和三陆.

只想说, 我们都玩得非常开心.虽然大家都非常累, 也算熬过来了.

现在的我, 正在看着我们照得照片. 应该说, 丛刊照的照片.

一直在看, 一直在看..


会是一个美好的回忆, 半年后的我, 一年后的我, 五年后的我.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

An Instagram Widget on the blog

I have just added an instagram widget on the blog, so my pictures I have uploaded on instagram can have a link back to the blog.

I have became busier when coming here, and not the other way round which I had thought initially. I'm constantly on the go in Korea, so the only way I could have ever taken photos was through my phone. For easier and simple photo changes, I have adopted to uploading to Instagram, and have been uploading via it ever since. *Faithfully* hahahahaha.

Thus, I don't have the time to upload the blog as I thought I would have. I have grown to accept the fact that I hate to be indoors when I'm in overseas. I just hate the feeling I have no idea why. I long to be outdoors, I yearn to head outside everyday. Doing something everyday was what I hope for everyday. Without plans when I woke up, and then to planning some activities when the school ends.

Then all these planning made me realise that I slowly lost touch with the internet. Not in that literal sense, but I'm more in touch with my phone, samsung s3. I don't deny that its actually more convenient with a smart phone around. I can't helping thanking myself for the decision I had made back in Singapore to trade in my samsung R series to purchase S3. Even though its painful for my purse. But I was very calm that night. My family was shocked that I just purchased that phone that night, and my brother immediately found alternatives to buy, but its all too late. I had spent 500 sgd to buy. But its still reasonable due to the trade in.

With s3, its really convenient. Fast, and clear pictures taken. Actually I highly recommend everyone to change their phone before they start their traveling if required.

Alright, anyways do enjoy my photos from my insta~ ^^ Feel free to leave any comments.

3 weeks more to end of semester

Note the title; I don't even dare to put 3 weeks more to graduation, I'm really afraid that I won't be able to graduate well. >.<

What is this kind of feeling man. Exactly a week ago, 7 days ago, its exactly a month away to the end of the semester. A week has passed. What have we all done?

I can only remember bits and pieces of it. Ling and Sylvia unnie came over last week, with Sylvia going to stay until this weekend, whereas Ling unnie left this tuesday. Time really flies.

I think I may have really mentioned this a lot of times in this blog. Whenever I get the chance to write on this blog, I always sigh that time flies. Like nobody's business.

After I sent Ling unnie off, my days for the rest of the week were spent mugging in the library and in cafes.

Weather in South Korea is on the rise. Now its about 35 degrees in the day, and only dropping to about 29 degrees at night. Everyone is complaining that its hot.

Today, I'm done with my finalization of the graduation debate speech. I am assigned as the leader of the opposition team. Our debate topic this time round was about early childhood education. Will be posting my speech up, once the debate is over next wednesday.

Now, upcoming next, is my graduation thesis. I have decided on my topic, but when I started to look up for information, I realized that the topic was too big, and a lot of articles were not referring to what I was looking for.

5 days more to graduation thesis presentation, I still have time... right?