Saturday, March 31, 2012

Random rants

Wow, its so tedious to upload photos to fb. Maybe its because I'm still a noob in uploading or what, I find it such tiresome. Uploading speed is slow. Just uploaded several pictures of me and the japanese girl had me spending so much mental strength on it. Tagging, then naming the album name, and then to writing the description, and then what's next? Frustrated.

Seriously, I'm going to shut down my cpu this moment and go to sleep. I still have korean lessons tomorrow.

Friday, March 30, 2012

I manage to catch the sold out Mary Poppins musical in Brisbane!!

I really want to brag about this, ahahahahahha. Even writing about this right now still get me excited on my nerves, and the tingle of excitement really makes me smile giddily in response.
Photography was not allowed. But I secretly snapped this only one during the intermission. Just could not resist. XD
I bought the last ticket to the last show playing in QPAC, Brisbane. Could you believe it, could you believe it?????
Oh Mary, oh Ms Mary, thank you so much for allowing me to catch not only a glimpse of you, but the whole of you spanning over 3 hours~!!

My friend was amazed that I was able to get the tickets. When I reached Brisbane on thursday, upon passing by QPAC, I immediately enquired the sales counter when I saw the Mary Poppins musical. Musicals or plays always interest me when I'm in overseas, so I would not miss the chance to catch 1 or 2. Its interesting to see their local plays. Expensive activity I would say, but to me its so much better and worth it than to spend my money on some shopping which could be done back home. Its only ever since I've started working then I start to slowly catch and appreciate these musicals. Back in Korea trip in 2009, I've also caught Nanta and Jump.

Anyways. So when I enquired, the sales counter told me it was fully sold out, weeks ago. Disappointed that I would miss this big musical (Upcoming Alice in Wonderland was also not showing yet), yet having no other choice I decided to go for this local play called Bombshell. Sounds good as an alternative, isn't it? And its first day was on 17th, Saturday, just nice I would be able to catch it before I leave.

Then. Next day Friday while at Lone Pines visiting the koalas, I received a call. It was cancelled! Such nice timing, huh. Second disappointment. And I have to go back and collect my cash refund. Rounded back on Saturday itself to collect my cash refund, I noticed there were so many people, waiting to watch the afternoon Mary Poppins. With a heavy heart, I went to their lifestyle market and slightly walked, wondering what to do in South Banks for the afternoon, an idea clicked in my head. Should I head back to QPAC to try my luck? See if anyone was going to last minute cancel their reservations so I can get it??

As if luck was there to help me out, there were 2 seats available!! Unfortunately counter told me I had to get it in pairs, without hesitating I contacted my friend; I was even prepared to treat him, unfortunately he preferred his sleep. I've no idea but eventually I was allowed to purchase my one and only ticket!

Super excited that I could secure my ticket! Expensive it was indeed, costing me 132.50 AUD, but it was really a good seat and I was in the middle. W o r t h  it.The whole theatre was filled with ang mohs and I was the only Asian among them. I think. Heh. XD

The musical atmosphere was drastically different from the way I had watched in Sg. It was totally enjoyable and I could feel the closeness between the audience and the actors on stage. The audience unsparingly gave lots of compliments for each good scene. All would clap long seconds, and in some situations even whistle. Actors on stage would enjoy the claps and the scene will stay longer if the claps were longer before the next scene continue. I enjoyed this kind of interaction immensely. Its the kind of subconscious behavior, that proves the actors really love their job and try their best, in return the claps are the feedback from the audience.

Not that Sg was not good. Its good also, but our audience were more reserved, just pure clapping and perhaps only a few stood up. But over here, its totally moving. The whole audience totally swayed when Mary flew around, and gasping when Bert went upside down. 'Ya know, that kind of atmosphere? ;) 


The sunset skies in Gold Coast

One thing I love about Aussie is its blue skies. So blue.
Which is something we will never get to see in Sg.

Fantastic Baby - Big Bang

I just have to post this!! The visuals are so yummy.

Doing my songs follow up

It has been a while. Since I've done some follow up on kpop. It feels so good.

Because I was helping a colleague of mine to find Heartstrings / You've fallen for me OST over the net. Only to realise that I had actually renamed it as a name which I had forgotten in my hard drive. And then I came across some awesome kpop songs. I just have to listen to 2NE1!

I'm so lonely x 5~ This song is freaking good. Was listening for the first time during the MNET concert last year in Sg, and I was mesmerized.

And then, I was so addicted to 2PM - Put your hands up, put your hands up, the moment the song was played in king's car, I was already Hands up~ yo~ Hehe, boon was laughing her heads off. Well~ I don't care eh eh eh eh eh. Hehehehe. Its so clubbish and I just wanted to enjoy the music flow at that time.

Ahhhhh, it feels so good. Then its fantastic baby! Dance-dance-just dance~ ;)
These recent songs really blew my head off. XD

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A toy camera

Simply.. a toy camera.
That can totally work..

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Relaxing around in Hobart, Tas

Just one of the moments where I can get to walk around alone, thinking in my own space.

Meathaven @ Jalan Kayu

I've started to use Flickr, to upload my photos. Gah I find it such difficulty to upload it from Flickr to Blogger. Is it because I do not know the way how? Flickr do support Blogger, but how? I can't stand it anymore, I've switched back to upload via Picasa halfway.

23th March 2012, Friday
Came with Japanese girl and a colleague of ours to Meathaven.
It was a place that the japanese girl had always wanted to bring me to!
I had this. Its juicy. But normally I don't have oysters. But ever since I came back from aussie, I can accept this.
Tried their soup. Yummy.
 Oh my god we tried this! The pork ribs. Its succulent.
 NZ Beef steak. Juicy, medium rare if I'm not wrong. Special mention: The char grilled potatoes.
They are really fragrant when you bite into them.
 A Movenpick vanilla ice cream. No need any description of this, I'm sure? ;)
And.. lastly an artistic picture of our japanese girl. She's so cute, isn't she. Heh. Love her.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spicing my life, with a little of fun!

Things are spicing up a bit for today! A little impromtu, the japanese girl asked me yesterday if I'm free for today. And I was surprised.

Why, its because she always has appointment every friday and its rare that she would ask me out.!

I'm so looking forward, we are going to Meathaven! And she was the one who told me that I must quickly blog about my aussie trip, so I can spazz about my times in aussie before the excitement wears out a few weeks later. Even though I have no pictures, I just start my write up for my trip first. Haha.

She, always the one to entertain me, and surprise me, constantly. And pops up with the most wise words, when I need it.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Meet up with my tassie land tour friend from Germany!

Ooh, yesterday I met up with my German friend whom we met during our land tour to Wineglass Bay in Tasmania. She is a strict vegan so actually I had a little difficulty finding vegan food for her. But since yesterday I wanted to bring her to Clark Quay, I googled vegan food in clark quay, and was surprised to find Real Food!! It was a place that I have seen before and always wanted to try, but didn't get to, and thus forgotten as the time goes by. Since I don't frequent Central either.

The food at Real Food is good! And we had a hearty chat. Love occurs pretty fast when it comes. So she told me. Just don't think about it and it will hit you when you least expected it. Haha. I think that is such a good advice. Yep I shouldn't think about it anymore. And just enjoy my life!~ Comes what may.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How I wish I have a week's off

How nice that will be. To process my photos, and arrange my stuff back at home.

Unfortunately time doesn't allow that to happen and I'm left to priortise what's more important to complete first.

I have not even touched my camera since the day I'm back.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Published entries --> Drafts

Sigh, I totally have no idea when I will be able to upload finish my photos. I decided I will leave all to draft first, when the photos are re-uploaded once again, then I will re-publish them again.

I should change to Flickr.. Things just doesn't happen once, they gotta happen thrice!

WICKED, the musical

I thought I should write my thoughts about Wicked first before scribbling about Mary poppins. This March was the most satisfying thus far; I can't believe I actually achieved this much. 2 broadway musicals in a month, I feel like I could fly like Mary Poppins too.

- Watched WICKED in Sg
- Watched Mary Poppins in Brisbane (!!!)
- My Aussie trip
- Did sky dive in Gold coast
- Upcoming Penang Weekend Trip

1st March 2012, Thursday
Oh yes. Oh yes. I finally watched WICKED. Have always wanted to watch ever since last december, but all along we have never get to schedule a date down. Liz's departure for Korea accelerates our decision to really make time for a day to watch together. Not that we would require to cancel our appointments made in advance, but we made a point to set a date to watch together, admist my school, jo's work schedule, and liz's own activities.

The production was really good. Maybe because its a broadway musical, so the scale was larger. After the musical I had a slight discussion with Jo, regarding our local plays and these musicals. She said it can't be compared because they are of a different genre and cater to different audience in the first place.

More people were involved and the transitions were very smooth. The story flowed nicely and we were able to catch onto what would happen next. Songs were good and the main female lead sang very well. It was very touching when she sang her sad feelings out. The moments she was framed by the public on how wicked she is, when she is actually a very kind soul. Just because she can read spells, and is green in colour, everyone perceived her to be evil. Awwww.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Back from holidays!

My holidays ended! Boo... Its back to reality, my work and studies!

Most importantly, I will miss the people there so much. They are all so nice people.

I was told by my parents, they didn't receive one of my postcards. And that was my initial postcard when I reach Tasmania on the first day! It took so long for them to receive. At least 5 days I guess?

I remembered, I sent them on the first day. Oh wells. Its lost in transit.

I throughly enjoyed my trip throughout the 11 days. Tiring, but fun. Pack, pack, and unpack unpack, returning the items back to its original position at home. Aiyo, that was the most tiring.

Other than that, I really love it. Albeit last minute to planning the trip, thankfully it all went well. Very thankful to my friends in Tasmania who accomodated me and really took great care of me, and my poly friend who brought us all around brisbane and gold coast and skipping school to accompany us.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Counting down. to my trip.

Gah, a week just passed like that. I was still thinking, its okay, I have a week left, and then poof!

Preparations were barely done, and I have yet to feel the excitement. Yet. Yet. My mum said, its as though she's the one packing, because whatever I need, I have to ask her and she has to find it because only she knows where she keep her things.

2 weeks before I was still happily planning my trip itinerary, and then ever since from last week, I have been so busy with classes, including tonight. But during classes half of the time was clothes preparation! Cold, not cold?! Oh wells. It has been quite some time ever since I did some far travelling, so I felt rather lost, like will I need this? Is this warm enough? Or long sleeve t-shirts will do? Coat? Jacket?

Anyways. Hope the weather is okay when I'm there.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today, going to be the Wicked me.

3 days of catch up classes straight and I think my mind is not functioning properly. Even today I feel my mind is still under going a round of roller coasters. Alamak.

This week is rattling dust off my shoulders. Shaking me up to prepare myself for the start of classes, and waking up to a dose of reality. Right after finalizing my itinerary, I'm off to catch up classes. After catch up classes, what's next? I'm so gonna be WICKED for once. Tee Hee. Gonna enjoy my evening tonight!

Yes, the WICKED musical that's going to turn me into a wicked one, for this evening.