Sunday, June 30, 2013

Move on

Its time to move on.

What's wrong, and what's right. I don't know.

But I only know, its time to deal with my feelings and clear my feelings.

I have given chance. As all my friends said, give a chance. Just because I have good feelings, I gave a chance for us to know each other better.

But it all turns out that I could have mistaken. His values are way so different from mine.

Friends are all right to tell me that I should be careful. When they asked about my stuff,

I slowly realised that I know nothing of him.

Yesterday was the night I made my decision. Ladies' six sense is really right. The things he do and the way he acts are different. It answered all my question marks. Everything is clear now.

All and all, so much so. As I grow up and got to know more about this society and world

The more I wanna return back to Singapore, my home.

Friday, June 28, 2013


This world is so not innocent. Or is it because I live  in an innocent environment. I am naive. I'm still the naive me.

What has the society become?

I... don't know. Kids nowadays are so not innocent anymore.

I'm kind of afraid. I want to embrace. But I'm afraid. Afraid of what? People may say.

But, I don't know. I only know I'm grateful for the values that my family has instilled in me.

That has indeed helped me a lot in my own thinking. If not I could have strayed away easily.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Month of June schedule

I saw one of my classmates wrote that its already the first day of june. And time passed so fast.

Indeed, till now. Two semesters have passed. From jan to mar, it was cold. Mar till june, its spring. So much and so much has passed. I spent the first semester reminiscing my one sided liking. I was wondering when I can ever get over this. I was really afraid it would never go away.

The next semester, as though someone has heard my thoughts, a guy was 'sent to me' out of a sudden. And that has set my thoughts busy, thus forgetting the previous one.

Great, isnt it. But there are always bound to have a new set of problems when new stuff comes up.

Studies wise, for the two semesters I have been studying the same things. Yeah I failed my current level so for spring level I restudied the same contents. Its not a bad thing anyways, instead I got more free time to play around and solidify my knowledge haha. And got closer to my current classmates. But that doesnt mean I dont have to study this time round. I still do. Alright. ^^

Very fast, from september 2012 till now, it has been nine months. I havent get the chance to return home yet. Save monies.. missed home, but as compared to that my life and studies here are more important for now. My big homesick period was during march, the crazy feeling.

I really enjoyed my time here. Crazily cold, I cant wait for the season to end, yet now when its getting hot, I missed a little of the coldness.

I also went around in korea during my vacation. The school semester was so much more busy than what I had expected thus I have no time to go around during my semester. Most of my time were spent in school, cafes and around my neighbourhood. Haha. An additional fact: ahem we also need money to travel around.

I have been to gyeongju, andong, busan, jeju, jeonju, suwon, chuncheon, gapyeong, oido. Plus some other places like liz relatives home in chuncheongdo, and of course SEOUL. But seoul is nothing much to see though. Its just pure enjoyment, like drink, eat, shopping.

This vacation is no exception! Zt is coming over. I will be travelling with him! But he wanna go busan and jeju, which I have been before. Hope we will be visiting some other parts in busan or jeju.

Awesome life here, in south korea. A life that I will miss big time.