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A Photo A Day #4

Alive Museum, Jeju

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A Photo A Day #3

Bread from Paris Baguette.

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A Photo A Day #2

Korea Post looks like this.

A fateful meeting with an uncle

This usually happens only once in a blue moon. Wanted to blog about this, but wasn't free to write this out until now. But I'm supposed to sleep already! 

Before my thoughts disperse. Anyways a day before I fly to Korea I was on my way to apply for an international driving license. Jo unnie told me it was situated at Peace centre, so I went to dobhy ghaut and walked down, only to be told that there is no AA (Automobile Association) here. Being puzzled, I thought I saw her whatsapp message wrongly and had a look again, it was correct! Luckily I brought out my laptop and immediately had a check. OMG its at Pearl centre, located at Chinatown. Jo unnie ah...

So I took a cab down. And I realised that the outlet does not open until 12 noon. And I reached at 9 plus am. Having nothing to do, I decided to have a meal, sit around and chill. Had quite some stuff to do today and my first stop was AA.

There came along an uncle in his sixties, and he spoke to the food lady in Hokkien if there was rice. The lady doesn't seem to understand very well and there was a slight miscommunication. He was about to walk away when I just did the translation to the food lady that this uncle asked if there was rice to eat. Then the uncle thanked me and sat down. 

My portion of Hong Kong fried noodles arrived. Out of nowhere, the uncle started to talk to me. Asking me if I'm here often, I couldn't remember how the conversation started but then yeah it just started.

I was apprehensive, hey to be honest, who wouldn't? Pearl centre wasn't a place I frequented often, when I stepped inside, it looked a little sleezy. The shopping centre wasn't re-furbished and the overall light was pretty dim for a shopping centre. A lot of uncles were there, and I could feel their glance on me which was a little uncomfortable, but still okay. 

Upon more conversation, we realised that we could click along very well, and from there I got to know about his daughters, and family. He advised me a lot, and there was one thing that I learnt from him. To save money for ourselves. In chinese we call it 女人本. That is, no matter how rich or poor our guy partner is in future, we should always have a sum of money for ourselves, just in case. Because anything may happen.

I remember, I had met such kind of person several years ago. It was a waiting period to go into university. Couldn't remember whom already, but it was also something that made me realise some life experience, imprinted deeply. But I can't remember what it was about though, now. Hahaha... Just important stuff that I had realised.

Thanks so much to the uncle who had given me such precious advices during that almost 2 hour chat. For sure, I hope to see you again. Uncle william.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Photo A Day #1

Just want to experiment how I would want to take my photos everyday, here is a new project!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

아이처럼 - 김동률 (Like a child - Kim Dong Ryul)

Was clearing up my computer backlog, and I saw this saved lyrics. So nice. From last time, not understanding what it meant, till now upon looking at it, I know what it means immediately meant my Korean must have improved I guess. XD Meaningful song. All time favourite.


사랑한다 말하고 받아줄때엔
이상 나는 바랄게 없다고
자신있게 말해놓고
자라나는 욕심에
하루 종일 그대의 생각에
샘이 많아서(아이처럼)
겁이 많아서(바보처럼)
이렇게 나의 곁에서 웃는게
믿어지지가 않아서
너무 좋아서 너무 벅차서
눈을 뜨면 사라질까봐

주고 싶은데( 모든걸)
받고 싶은데(그대맘을)
남들처럼 할수 있는건
함께 나누고 싶은데
맘이 급해서 속이 좁아서
괜시리 모두 망치게 될까봐

웃게 해줘서(아이처럼)
울게 해줘서(바보처럼)
이런 설렘을
평생에 한번
느낄수 있게 해줘서
믿게 해줘서 힘이 돼줘서
눈을 뜨면 처음으로 하는
내게 와줘서
꿈꾸게 해줘서
선물을 그대