Monday, July 15, 2013

Rushing the interview presentation at yonsei library at midnight.

15th July 2013 - 4am

Because my interview with feng jin unnie was so long, it took 26 mins, I spent a lot of time to listen to it and jot it down. I did a little and a little, but I believe the total time consumed was about maybe 10 hours? (lets see, today I spent how many hours at the café? From 12pm all the way till 10pm, then other days were about probably 4 hours (qn 1 to about 4) then now inputting them into words, took me .. from 12am to about now 4pm. 

The whole interview took about 7 pages of word. OMG so many. 

Anyways I’m gonna sleep now. But then I heard the big rain outside now! Which means I can’t get home now. AHHHHHH I’m so gonna get mad. 

Recently Korea has been raining like mad, thunderstorms. omgomg omg. 

And which may means that I may miss school tomorrow. Because now is already 4!! How am I supposed to wake up on time tomorrow if I can’t get home now!! 

Oh dear. 

All the best to me! My presentation day is on Tuesday! But I have yet to complete. Say cheers to myself. DX 

I still have to add in my own opinion, and edit the interview. And add in foreword and the introduction.

----- Now at this timing of 8pm, I'm posting up this entry.
 I realised when you stay up to four, you really don't know what you are writing. I totally have no idea that I wrote all these in front at four am!~! and my tone, is really a little pissed off. Hahahah thats the results of not sleeping I guess.

But the interview with Fengjin was very interesting. Its about her work life in Guang Zhou, China. Really interesting. I'm so lucky that I got to know her, and got to even conduct an interview with her! 

Really lucky me. Shan't complain because its my fortune to get this interview from her.  

What's my status of the interview presentation now, its about completed, I spent the whole afternoon editing the interview parts in word, thank goodness I inputted everything last midnight. And now I only left the motive and the conclusion of the interview to write. A little check again, should be alright, lest a little long.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Everyone is different

Yesterday just had a long talk with the xiao mei beside me. Her thoughts surprised me every time without fail. Every now and then she will have facts and stuff to of life to talk to me. And I'm embarrassed to say I don't even know half as much as her. Goodness me. We can't even talk as much as her.

It just makes me feel that I really need to read up more on books and seek more information. The days she has been at home, she will be looking at videos, those which she can seek lots of information. Unlike me, where we will just be wondering about what to do for the day.

The way of living is just so different. Is it because we haven't been very independent overseas? That we do not really know how to 充实我们的生活呢。这样一直跟她聊着,聊着, 真是让我感觉非常惭愧。