Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The thoughts, of re uploading my past photos

I want to faint when I think I have so much to re-upload. But I shall slowly upload.

Got my blog banner back. At least, I feel soothing to see a picture at the top of my blog now.

Gotta sleep. One more catch up class tomorrow!

Aftermath of the loss of photos on the blog..

I guess this will happen once to everyone in their lifes, all contacts gone, or all pictures gone, or the blog is gone. 2 of these has happened to me lately, shortly one after another. Oh yes. wanna say. I lost all my contacts. Apparently the contact file Samsung had help me to back up was corrupted, thus they could not retrieve. Oh wells. Leaving me whether to cry or laugh.

Had wanted to blog about my weekend trip to Melaka recently (last holiday day spent so well, before I concentrate back into class) but I'm not able to write any of my thoughts due to these photos disappearance. Had wanted to revive this back as soon as possible, but there are just so many classes this week and over the weekends. Not to mention I will be flying in a week's time over to Aussie. Yes! Countdown, 7 days already. I don't know how I am going to tide this over. Classes, classes and then fly.

I guess I will just have to re upload them again. But ain't an easy feat. It spans more than over a year of blog entries. And I gotta find back the pictures!

Slowly. Today I uploaded my profile pic.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh no, in deep trouble.

School starts with an end to holidays. And my holidays ended with a trip to melaka, over the weekend.

OH MY GOD. WHAT DID I DO. Now all my photos from my blog were deleted!! I must have sync it to my phone, thus causing all to be deleted. OH dear Oh dear Oh dear.

HEART PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Phone collection, today

Yay, I will be collecting my phone today. After what I had imagined, life still goes on, and its just only a day, not so bad afterall. Heh. I'm still alright in one piece. But its the habits that I notice I will have, wanting to take a peep at my phone, and just to realise its not there.

Oh yeah, its just a little inconvenient, but it doesn't affect me to a big extent.

And during this time, its only you realise whose number you can remember.
Its more about the people you miss being in contact with.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Today... Exciting? Ahem.. without a phone.

The day started with me exchanging a newly bought luggage bag. Ahem.

Life is exciting, we will never know what comes next. Ahem.

Then continued with me proceeding down to the samsung customer service centre, to administer my phone for hospitalisation. Apps and notes everything will be gone. Only my contacts and pictures and screen captures can be backed up. And I won't be getting my phone back for the day.

Removed my SIM card, and battery pack and the casing, and the SD card was all I received in return. Its also time that I sent it because it kept giving me significant problems. The last stroll was when the whole LCD screen blacked out on me and yet the functions were all operating well.

The earliest I could get back was negotiated and its tomorrow because I will be out of town this weekend.
No spare phone for me as well.

Can I survive? Yes maybe, no maybe. Lets see how. 4 hours without a phone le. Hee.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2 weeks from now...

Looking back at my calendar, it has been a week since valentine's day has passed. Ahem, not that I had specially taken notice of, its because of my calendar had marked that day with a bunch of roses on it.

Have I met someone yet? No. Did I made any new friends, maybe yes.

Argh, more important is my upcoming trip! Most of the details now are roughly done, but as the time nears, I find myself getting more immensely stressed. There are just so many things to settle. Just as I thought I've solved this problem, more stuff popped out for me to think about.

And as if to tell me I'm very "free", there was something that happened last night and it affected me greatly. Hurt my heart, yes. But I shan't say anymore. I am not in the mood to take this further. Just wanna say, we are always there in open arms and smiling.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Enjoying the coffee to myself

Pictures re uploaded on 28th february 2012
 The coffee warmth warmed my heart. Enjoyed these moments.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

In deep thoughts

Picture re uploaded on 28th February 2012
Thinking about.. thoughts about.. think about..

Friday, February 17, 2012

Group shot of us, the vege fam~

15th December 2011, Thursday
Time really flies!! I still thought that this was last month's photo, when I realised that it was taken in December last year. Oops. Anyways, miss ya all girls!
Picture re uploaded on 28th February 2012
 Andddd.. yes! We all are gonna meet up later! See you later~ 
Just when I think its been some time ever since we last saw each other, today is the day to meet! Hehe.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

2011 Christmas Eve

24th December 2011, Saturday
My 2011 Christmas Eve was spent working all day long, serving customers. But luckily, this year because of my friend, I got to know her friends and we even had a movie date and a late night supper together. Really thanks a lot to her, my Christmas eve was spent fruitfully! Tiring, but at least there were activities to anticipate after work~ Movie watched for the evening was Sherlock Homes. Entertaining, and laughter ensued.
Picture re uploaded on 28th February 2012
 Her group of friends were friendly, so luckily I was able to mingle with them easily after a while. ^^

Antoneitte @ Lavender, Sg

I'm still reeling in the loss of my original photos.. still feeling quite emo.. My goodness. Luckily I still can get the photos from my friend, but I'm still upset at myself for having committed this stupid mistake. Until now I still cannot get why how the hell did this folder get resized. Enjoy the string of photos. But my captions aren't that much as usual. So sorry. I just need to sleep for the night. 

28th December 2011, Wednesday
My first time at Antoneitte.
 Nice decor and its really high class tea.
  Nice comfy seats.
  I had their antoneitte special coffee, but to me it taste like the normal latte coffee we have.
  Poached egg salad. The poached egg is delicious~
Smoked salmon crepe was good. It was not too salty and its quite fresh.
Picture re uploaded on 28th February 2012
 And lastly this sweet crepe that is very nice and fragrant!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Resizing my own photos

OH my god, I can't believe what I have just done! I had just resized my own photos without me knowing! And that's my original photos with NO backup.

I'm really traumatized this time. When had I do it?? NO idea. Why has it been resized!! alamak.

I've learnt next time to copy a new folder first before doing anything with it.

好朋友只是朋友 - 郁可唯 「小資女孩向前衝」 插曲

好朋友只是朋友 - 郁可唯 「小資女孩向前衝」 插曲

This song is so meaningful. I just have to let go. Its just not mine now, and it won't be mine in the future as well. Sometimes the best memories are when they remain as they are. That time, that part of my life. There are a lot of what ifs, a lot of imagination if we could have been more brave to our feelings. That obviously didn't happen. But remaining as friends now, I enjoyed the level of comfortableness between us. Maybe we wouldn't have been so comfortable with each other back then. I deleted all your messages whenever it come, so I won't get to have a chance to relook at them again. I nearly wanted to delete your contact so I won't be able to text you again. But I didn't. And can't. I resisted to contact you every now and then, for I know it will bother you, wondering why I often contact you. I just don't want to reveal to you, for I know you already have your loved one. For me, I just realised it a bit too late. Here's me wishing you, as a friend.
You and her, look good together.

Hello Stranger

Picture re uploaded on 28th February 2012
I can see the colours of your eyes
They look sparkling
I don't have to know your name
For I can sense you whispering to my ear
The wind is the messenger.