Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Answer Me 1997 - the painful one-sided loves

Do not have the time to watch dramas nowadays, no idea why. I used to remember I have time for all of these, but these recent 2 years I have gradually stopped and resorted to reading their recaps, until some good ones really attract my attention to chase the drama.

Have been following this drama recaps - Answer Me 1997 for quite a while. And while reading it, I can totally feel the realistic vibe from the students. Even the recappers have been talking about how it feels so good. The drama year revolves about teenagers from 80s. Fandom, school life, first loves.

There was a few that I like and thus sharing it here. A painful one-sided love. Episode 10.

Joon-hee: The reason I like you? Because you're that person. Because you're you. Is there another reason besides that one? I'd rather know the reason if there was one. Then I could find a way to not like you. If I can't avoid it, then there's only one thing I want: to remain by your side, unchanged, for a long time. Here's to our love, that chills our hearts. (toasts)

Joon-hee asked Yoon-jae: Why do you like her (Shi-won)?
Joon-hee: “Isn’t Shi-won the person you’re closest to in the whole world, like a twin? You like it when you’re together, and it’s comfortable, and even if you’re not doing anything, there’s no awkwardness between you. That’s what I was always most envious of. Isn’t that why you like her?”Yoon-jae says no, he’s wrong about that. Joon-hee: “Then why? Why do you like Shi-won?”
Yoon-jae: Because... she's pretty. Awwww.

Its the same for Yoo-jung and Hak-chan coupling.
Yoo-jung: Why do you like me?
Hak-chan: Because you're cute, and pretty.

How about Shi-won and Tae-woong?
Shi-won: Oppa, Why do you like me? Because I'm like Song-joo unnie?
Shi-won asks if Tae-woong likes her because she reminds him of unni, but he says no, he did at first, but not now. “Because you’re pretty.”
She points out her un-pretty features, but he says she’s still pretty in his eyes. “Though, not in anyone else’s.”

Back to their reunion, someone answered in the same manner too.
Because she's pretty. Because everything about her, from her wrinkles to her moles, is pretty in his eyes.
So sweet. P.s. Due to translation difference, the pretty here does not only refer to the appearance. Subtlely, it refers to a person being pretty as a whole. A pretty heart. A pretty smile. A pretty vibe. Just everything is pretty about her. Quotes taken from dramabeans.

Friday, August 24, 2012

What do I want to change, what do I want it not to change?

人与人之间的情感是很微妙的, 今天, 与明天的感情都有变化.

那到底, 什么才不会变呢. 什么才是永恒不变.

一旦想起这点, 我的心, 就感到无畏的恐惧.

世界上, 有几个人才会无条件的付出, 贡献?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hey Lady, can you cook, or can you not cook?

Recently, I've have been hearing a lot of people telling me ladies can't cook nowadays. *My topic here all refers to most ladies generally can't cook, not all.* At first I brushed it off, as in well, yes I know, a lot of young ladies are busy to cook. For me, I am able to cook a little. Not too well. But just enough to get by.

It started off with friends from Tasmania telling me that ladies can't cook and another friend from Brisbane lamenting the same thing. That was the initial first few times I have heard people commenting on that this year. But I thought, perhaps its because they are in overseas and in such an environment they have to learn. Not a choice given. Guys / ladies in overseas. Somehow different eh? Because of the overseas experience they are more jaded?

I am so wrong.

Lately, my university mate whom I had been in contact with these few months also mentioned that ladies can't cook! OMG. That really caught me by surprise. Why is he saying this too? By the way, we had known each other during university times for 2 years, but only up till now then I deeply realised I had mistook his age. I have all along thought he's only two years older. I'm 89'yr, by right he should be 87'yr isn't it. But no, turns out he's 85'yr, 4 years older! Arghh the ignorant me. 4 years down the road, after we had graduated 2 years later then I realised this grave mistake. 

Grrr, I guessed I really breezed through my university years, without having a deep connection with my uni mates. Or prolly he looks youthful. Aww those were the days. But he's good. Because right now, career wise, his resume is totally WOW. I'm impressed. Back in the uni days I was already impressed. But now I'm even more impressed. Using 3 times of impressed, is that too exaggerating? But one thing I can conclude, he really works very hard. I admire.

And what's with the topic nowadays? Why is this topic becoming so commonly discussed? Even my male colleague also laughed that we ladies can't cook. OH DEAR.

Furthermore, something I had realised in common for all my friends who had made those comments above.

And... I just came accross a blog, and she blogged about a korean friend being warned not to marry Singaporean ladies because they generally don't / can't cook.

Oh man. What the f. So. what. now. I better whip up my cooking skills before I leave for Korea. One month to brush up my driving and cooking skills. I think. I can do it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A little self thinking these days









I am just not in the mood to conjure any entries for today. Hmmmm. I kept writing and deleting and to only write again, and to only press the backspace.
I am not able to piece up my thoughts.

Monday, August 6, 2012

What a great weekend I had

I've been throughly enjoying my holidays so far. My life is always in a cycle that is cycling furiously with time. Entwined with time and money. I'm always chasing for the moon, maybe one day I think I am able to cycle across the moon who knows? This holiday is great, I have quite some activities lined up. Awesome.

Saturday. I went for a breakfast with Japanese girl. It feels good to wake up early in the morning. Although a little behind scheduled time, I was still happyyy. Its already very good that I could reach so early. Its later than our work time definitely, but basically because my time would shift automatically when coming to weekends, this timing is early. Heh.

After our breakky, we split ways. I went to the national library. Gosh it was raining so heavily. And Japanese girl laughed and laughed because she said bedok there wasn't raining and it was so sunny. Poor me, it was just a street away to get to the national library and I couldn't get there. Not that I didn't had my umbrella though; the rain was so heavy that I would get drenched even with the tiny umbrella on top of my head.

I snuggled in the library finally after some time, and got my books to browse through, while waiting for my next appointment. My next date was damn late! Hahaha. But that did not affect me, I was looking through my stuff and doing some travel homework. Finally I got to meet her and we had a discussion over some matters.  

I realised she had got so much things she wanted to do and achieve. Thinking back, could I have done as much as she had aspired to do in future? A Pang in the heart as she chattered to me about what she planned to do. A lot and a lot. Wow. She is a girl with lots of thinking. Somehow I feel I seem to mix with a lot of these types of girlfriends! Gives me free mind exercise and makes me reflect back too. But somehow I feel that our objectives are kind of different and that is why I see such diverse perspectives from her.

Sunday Morning. This weekend was especially good because I myself made the extra effort to wake up early. I really woke up early. My dad was impressed because he only knew that I was going to hike Bukit Timah hill the day before. Had some granola with milk for breakfast and boarded the bus 171 straight to Beauty World shopping centre. I was earlier than my friends, they were punctual but I reached so much earlier and I decided to pangseh and start my hike first. hahahahaha oops.

The air was crisp and fresh. And there were so many monkeys..... scared. Some were sitting on top of the cars, some on the landed property door gates... some on top of the rubbish chute... But a lot of people were already there, some had already finished the hike and were at the visitor centre, chattering away.

The inital walk up was pretty steep, I thought it was going to be all the way like this and started to fret. Luckily it was only for the first 5-10 mins and the trail started to become more gentle. To be honest, it was my first time, but nevertheless I would come back here again. Great hike.

Next up, Hort park? Treetop? Yay.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Some of the funny conversations Jap girl and I had

Me and Jap girl. We had lots of starking differences, yet we have quite surprising similarities at times too.

Sometimes the way she converse with me, and the way I converse with her makes both of us laugh like mad, in our small small office room. hahahahahaha. She sure knows how to tip my laughter gas.

Kor girl: oh ya, wanted to ask you, how was hatched?
Jap girl: ....(cut away the unnecessary info) I think its nice but the winner now is still riders cafe and wild honey XD
Kor girl: ...(cut HAHA) you sound like you are giving it a golden prize, and then a bronze prize to hatched.
Jap girl: Cause that place very humid... Dx Hmm drips is also nice, you can gobble all their pastries, and le chocolate cafe!!! DX

Pretty simple convos, to be honest, but to me, I was pretty entertained for the day. There were lots and loads of little little tweeny funny convos we had. I'm constantly amazed at the tiny bits of life she had instilled and influenced me.

There was once where we were talking about our interests, a sparkling similar interests we had were our love for our foreign language. She learned japanese and I learned korean. She loves to draw, and I love to take photos. Both of us agreed how important our interests are, and how we should keep maintaining it. And how we should allocate our time to run our interests. An inspiring talk, she never fails to let me realise her wisdom everytime when I need it most. When my motivation starts to seep downwards, she's always there to boost it up again. She, a girl, knows what she wants. *loves*