Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You are so beautiful by JYJ / TVXQ Junsu

Absolutely love this song to bits right now. You are so beautiful~
The chemistry between Kim Sun ah and Lee Dong Wook is amazingly sizzling!

Can I just spazz a bit on them? Haha. Scent of a woman is a must watch! Especially the tango scenes between them, my heart was buzzing with excitement and left me for moreeeee.
Too bad this fan-made mv below doesn't include the tango scenes yet, if there is, I will embed them here. Hee.

And can I rant on something. How come SBS doesn't allow us to copy their drama pictures from their photo album on their website??! So sad... Grrr..I remembered I was able to copy them before... >.< Sigh anyways.

Today is National day, but why does it feels like a saturday or sunday to me?
The song is so sweet. Junsu's voice melts me. Plus his cameo in Scent of a woman is so adorable.
"Do you like my appearance? Or my melodic voice? Or my perky butt? Hahahahahahaha.