Saturday, June 28, 2014

Optimistic thinking and positive thinking

28th June 2014, Saturday

Optimistic thinking tends to focus on the idea that everything will work out.

Positive thinking acknowledges that problems can occur and that everything won't automatically work out. But embraces possibilities and look for solutions without the assumption that everything will automatically work out.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Second day: Chengdu 成都 -> Nyingchi 林芝

6th June 2014, Friday

Oh man. We didn't have much sleep. The musical ended late yesterday. Around 9:40 and we gotta pack our bags to prepare for the next day.

We had to wake up around 4pm. Our morning flight to Nyingchi was 7 and we had to reach the airport by 6 plus.

2 consecutive nights of not sleeping well, I was feeling very lethargic. Weather was very good so far. Chengdu and when we reach Nyingchi.

Just visited a temple and lunch-ed. Now is our free time. But its actually time for us to rest before we go out to have dinner later.

Nothing much for today because we need some lead time to acclimatise. XD

First day: Chengdu 成都

5th June 2014, Thursday

Took a midnight flight and we reached Chengdu. Quite a relaxing day it was as our primary focus isn't Chengdu.

Nothing much; we visited 水井访白酒博物馆。Pretty interesting as we get to see the whole distillation process.

Then lunch. 成都四川省风味菜。

Relaxed a while. And we went out to the traditional shopping streets 锦里。I would say not bad. But not as fantastic compared to the last chengdu trip.

Then we had dinner. 药膳餐。Then we headed to watch traditional face change show. 变脸。It was the same theatre but the contents had slightly changed. Also, it wasn't the best one we had seen. Which in my impression was a very high class modernised theatre, and it was a magnificent show.

Then we rested for the day. ^^