Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Awesome typography paint drawing

For a moment. I thought this was photoshopped. Then I realised. It isn't.
Really awesome. Credits to Colossal
Have a great Tuesday~

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Big Mama @ Kim Tian Road, Tiong Bahru, Sg

Today I had lunch with my Korean language classmates; it was in such a long time ever since I had seen them! We catch up, and then mostly of our discussion was about our trips to Korea.

The food at Big Mama was really good, the lady boss was from Busan. She was a very friendly lady, and kept saying that her food has no MSG, hahaha. Anyways its really delicious. See below!
 After finishing the stir fry meat, we can additionally pour rice, and they stir-fry rice for us! With additional ingredients like, the dried seaweed, some leeks, and a little sesame oil if I didn't remember wrongly. Bbokkeumbap. Yum.
This was suyuk, its really tasty, you either dip the meat into the sauce on the right(sour based), or the left(salty based) and eat it with the cucumber and celery. The middle pink thinly sliced radish will be matched with the slight spicy bean sprouts, with the meat. 
 Lots, and lots of conversations.
Actually in general, korean food is all about rice, and rice and rice. Koreans eat rice for breakfast, rice / noodles for lunch, and rice for dinner. In fact, rice and noodles are their staple, very much like chinese. The difference is they are accompanied with lots of seasoned side dishes. Very filling food to fill our stomach, lots of fibre and carbohydrates. I believe it has got to do with their history and culture.

You will realise that you don't have a lot of variety of food, but yet, when eating them you get full easily. When I reached the restaurant, the rest of the unnies were already there. They had proceeded to order a mix vege rice (bibimbap), and I was given to try and finish it. Haha. I finished it of course, but I was already halfway full because of the rice.

Lets meet up again, asap, say next month again? Before everyone starts flying. ;)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Roses hanging in the air~

So romantic.. seems to say, love's in the air..~ 
Awww. Sweet. A lane where so many of these were in the air. Full of love. ^^
Have a great friday ahead~

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 10. Brisbane sunday market, South Bank lifestyle market, Qpac - Brisbane, AU --> And back homeeee.

18th March 2012, Saturday

Rise and shine, the sun was about to scorch my butt already. Hahaha. Sb should have reached back Sg safely, I wondered. Anyways meeting time today was around 10am, because I was going to check out directly from the hostel. (The careless me, had realised that I had left a piece of dress at that hostel, only when I was back at home. Sadddd. Because it was one of my loves.) Lost my ballpen at Launceston, and then a piece of dress in Brisbane. Argh.

Wow, this brisbane sunday market was really big. About the size of a big carpark, there were a lot of stores, selling vegetables, fruits and food. More of these grocery stalls, unlike the salamanca market (Hobart, Tasmania) which concentrated on the more exquisite crafts, slightly targeted towards the tourists. Breakfast was good. Coffee was good. Sausages were good. Everything was good! LOL. Basically, any food that's piping hot would be tasty. It was where I bought my cranberries and nuts, and I realised I should have bought more snacks back at the supermarket yesterday. 

Apparently King felt sick, oh dear. I guess he must had caught a bad flu. He dropped me off at South Bank, and went back home to rest first. Lifestyle market was there, but there weren't much things to see anyways. Oh dear, I just missed Sb out of a sudden! Being alone at first, and then meeting friend halfway, sending her back, now I'm being back to alone. Just felt a little.. empty? Boo.. Next time I shall leave first! Hahaha.

I went back to Qpac and saw so many people waiting for the Mary Poppins musical. Hmmm. I tried my chances at it again, and this time I managed to score a ticket! No idea why, and how, as I heard it was long sold out, but apparently some people released the tickets from the reservation and so that was how I had the chance to purchase the tickets. Furthermore, it was the a good timing, evening 7 plus. Great.

I ate waffles at Max Brenner, wow this was exaggerating. Very very long queue and the whole store was bustling, full of people. People eat and go, for me, alone, I had to sit by the bar, which would be more comfortable for me since people in groups would wait for the tables. Not bad, the presentation was beautiful. Couldn't eat much as I was alone again. It was drizzling when I finished and was preparing to head back to the threatre.

The musical was awesome! Kept me wanting for more as I watched. As it was the last musical sitting, the whole cast came up to thank the audience. Loads of clapping, and I was happy for the cast too. A stellar performance by all. Wonderful. Sound system was good; the cast's voices were clear.

King came to pick me up after the musical, and it was there then I got to know that he fell sick and slept through the whole afternoon with panadol medication. Oh dearrr. Gotta take care man.. We had pancakes as supper before I left.

All in all, it was really fun. With friends in another country, really meant a lot of fun, and sorry to bring trouble tooooo. Thanks so much. My treat when you guys are back, yep? ;)

And then. My whole Aussie trip recap. is DONE! Whew~ One thing down. Yesh.~ ^^

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 9. Lonepine's Koala Santuary, South Bank, Queen's street - Brisbane, AU

17th March 2012, Friday

I'm counting down. 2 days left to spend in AU! I couldn't believe my holidays were going to be over! That is practically what everyone would say.

In the morning, we headed off to see koalas~ Koala, koala~~ at the Lone Pine Santuary. Gosh, there were a lot of Wallabies. And in fact they were rather smelly too. And a lot of shit scattered all around the green field. If one is not careful, they may just step onto them. Oops~

And it also featured the most koalas over there. There were a lot of koalas, and its where I took my photos with the koala. I was contemplating to take, since it felt normal on the spot afterall. Want to carry, no? Well, since I'm there, just carry I guess, its the signature shot in AU.

We spent a great amount of time over there, before heading to University of Queensland (UQ). Was it just me or what? It felt so asian. University campus, awwww. I missed those times. Full - time. Of course, its just opportunity costs. King said they had a famous pizza shop in UQ, and its a must try. Its indeed delicious. The pizza texture was similar to Skinny Pizza back at home. Yum.

Then we boarded their city cat. Its a ferry ride apparently and it linked up the whole city by the river which included UQ. And it seemed to be a service which faciliated a lot of students there. We dropped off at South Bank and did shopping. Hmmm, don't ask me about shopping, I know nuts, especially in AU. In Hong Kong or Taiwan, perhaps I would still be quite excited because at least I know what to expect. But in the end, unexpectedly I bought 2 pieces of clothes, but that amount was equivalent to a few shopping pieces that Sb had bought. Oops. But if I didn't bring it back, I would regret. So I bought. What a pair of wicked eyes I had.

Sigh, and I went back to QPAC on the way to refund my musical ticket for Bombshell. A pity though, I thought I would be able to catch a musical here in Brisbane.

It was the night Sb was going to leave already. We had beef steak, with King and his friends. Expensive! But it was really juicy, thick, sweet. Accompanied with the mushroom sauce, it was really tasty. Me and Sb just shared, because the portion was quite big, and anyways.. we knew that we were going for supper... >.< King really squeezed our time to make everything possible for us man. Thanksssssssssssssssssss. ^-^*~V

Supper was at Three Monkeys cafe. Oh my gosh. So crowded. I had chai tea latte, while sb had mocha? or latte. I couldn't remember. (hey, I only started to recap it like now, when my trip is all the way back in Mar...) The cakes were yummy.

Then we wheezed sb off to the airport. Hugs and kisses. I was pretty sad to see her off. Suddenly. I wrote her a postcard. It was good that my trip was with her though. No idea why, but I gotta give her lots of thankkewsss. Without her initiating to me the trip, I wouldn't be here. I would be well off to somewhere else definitely. I could still remember her casual mentions about her plans to go AU alone. Sauntering along Robertson Quay with our Mr ong. Hahaha. Mr Ong and I were like, what? You?! Alone..? What a load of rubbish talk we all had that time at Hummerston. But soon everything was into plans. From her taking her own sweet time to plan initially, my sudden involvement prompted her to hasten her footsteps and put it into action. I guess. Motivation helps. Till today, I would think, 'Why did she mention to me that time?' hmmM~ it felt great. Of course our friendship leaped by bounds. Closer bonding nowadays, albeit ours were of a different style, she was more wild externally, but I was more wild internally. Different wildness I would say. Strangely we clicked well.

Anyways. Tomorrow would be my turn to fly. Awww.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Film taken from slr cammie. Hmmm

Hmmmm! I sent my first film taken from a slr camera to wash yesterday. And this was the results I received. Uploaded one of them. The effects were quite unexpected, but still, rather lovely. Grainy, though. But I had expected worse, so~ its okay.
Nice effect, isn't it. Looks processed, but it isn't! ~ Weeee.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Failure and Success

Something I had written as a survey for my friend. As all my thoughts flowed together and I pieced them up, I realised that it had become a long essay, in which my friend exclaimed that he only required a super short paragraph only. Would just want to share my thoughts here since I had written it, and lets not waste it!

Failure. What is failure? I’m more of the latter; I believe that failure is a process that would lead me to success. Personally in my opinion, failure and success is only a thin veil apart. There was an illustration I saw before. 2 people are digging the underground for diamonds. One gave up, but little did he know that upon another few burrows, diamonds would be trickling out, while the other one is still digging on. This indicates that the person who did not give up will meet his success if he could overcome his failure feeling, and the person who gave up has clearly overlooked success as a very easy factor to achieve. It is an evident example which supports my statement above. Failure and success are intricately linked; you will meet success if you are capable of coping with failure, vice versa, you will hit failure when you overlook success.

For instance. Being in a situation of work and study, everyone says it’s not easy to juggle both and it is indeed true to an extent because a lot of time management is required. Failure looms around us all the time and we are easily deterred by the surrounding distractions that will cause us failure. However, the failure could become a huge motivational springboard (strength) if we are able to overlook the fact that we are constantly lacking of time, and by thinking, “Since I have lesser time to complete my studies and I know I will fail, I have to start my studying earlier and complete my semester. Let’s just do it.” 

Everyone has their own strength. And everyone has a different capability of achieving what we want in life. Some can tolerate and handle people’s relationships well. Others just could not control their emotions and feel so mentally weak that they could just cry on the streets while walking home one day.

Likewise, this also applies to our work and studies as well. True enough, it does get a little depressing; we are all human being and our emotions run when we do not get the appraisal or the results we had hoped for. Is that a failure? I think this is a very subjective answer. Everyone deems it differently. To be honest, I think this is not about a right or wrong (i.e. failure or not), it is my own process of growing up to be a better man, and being able to deal with my current issue would mean I will have the courage to face some other more imperative issues in future.

Lastly to conclude, I’ve always believed failure is inevitable. To me, a real failure is when we do not learn anything from our failure and continuously to attempt the same mistake once again. Subsequently, we then complain about the mistakes we had made and how hard it is to move on, when the issue is that, have we learnt to cut corners and avoid the problem in future?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A half year Checklist - June'12

Its roughly about time too. JUNE. I just wanted to record what I had done so far, not to miss any of my precious time this year.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Maison Kayser @ Scotts Square, Orchard, Sg

 27th February 2012, Monday

A Paris bakery restaurant, which got very famous in Japan, opened its first outlet here a few months ago. Have heard from my colleagues that its bread was rather tasty, we decided to head here for a try for lunch. Which also means, bread for lunch.

P.s. Paris Baguette, which also got itself very famous in Korea (yes, really very famous for its delicious bread and cafe atmosphere), is also going to open its first outlet here in Sg! It will be opening in Wisma, level 2. Can't wait. Recently here in Orchard, really opened a lot of upscale bakery restaurants and outlets. I could even name them immediately. 

New ones
Maison Kayser - Scotts Square B1
Paul  - Ngee Ann City Level 3
DonQ - Takashimaya Dept store B2
Paris Baguette - Wisma Level 2

Existing ones
Swiss Bake
St. Leaven

Wow. Do we have the demand to open so many upscale bakery outlets in such a short time? But I do see the crowd to buy the bread. Or it may just be a fad? Hope it won't.
 As you can see, because it is famous from Japan, its a delight to a lot of japanese ladies here. The staff are also Japanese because the outlet is opened from Japan, and not from the Paris HQ.

Their bread, indeed looks yummy. XD
 Since we were all here, we took their set lunches, which includes a soup of the day and our main course. 
The soup was Broccoli cream. Its tasty! My first time of tasting such soups was at the Raindrops cafe, located at Scape*.
 One of the baguettes that my colleague had ordered. Yum! This was cheese and ham.
This was stuffed with tuna. With a different type of baguette.
Alternative, you can choose to order a breakfast set, a croissant, with scrambled egg and bacon. 
Delicious. The croissant was fragrant, crispy on the outside and soft inside.
A Monday morning. Have a great day ahead! 
Hopefully it can clear your Monday blues upon seeing this! Cheers. XD