Monday, February 7, 2011

Dance 춤 - Clazziquai's 2nd album: Colour your soul

A colleague of mine, who had finished watching Secret Garden asked me about a song that appeared in episode 1 last week. Totally clueless about what she was asking about, she then showed me that part in the video clip where Han Tae Sun was singing in a club, and then Oska was mesmerized by his vocals.

Back at home now then I started to find out about the song, by re-watching episode 1 and then gasping on it later on why I had missed out on such a nice song. I suppose its the lack of time that I had just watched once and then skipping it later. A google on it lands me on clazziquai. My goodness its from CLAZZIQUAI!!

Turns out it is a song from Clazziquai. Dance. 춤. I love clazziquai. Even though some of their songs were not my style, like the recent electronica style from 4th album (Mucho punk). But their jazz songs were always my favourite.

I can't seem to find Sun's version. Perhaps it wasn't recorded...