Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August is ending soon

27th August 2014, Wednesday

So fast, its the last week of august. One week one week just passed like that.

First half of the year, I was still in hokiday phase. But now I think I found my pace. The quickened pace. I'm busily filling up my dates with schedules. Everyday passed so so fast; by the time I know it, I am always sleeping soundly at home, awaiting tomorrow.

I still need to sign up for ACCA exams.
I still need to open another saving account to save money.
I still need to study for my exams.
I still need to prep my body to the fullest so it can tahan whats about to come next.

I wanna buy a Longchamp document bag.

Its always better to keep my schedules packed.

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